St. Lawrence
and St. Paul’s


  • Resurrection Day 2023 Peace Personified in Jesus

  • Good Friday 2023 “The Wounds of Jesus”

  • Aaron’s Blessing, 5th Sunday in Lent, The Lord “Be Gracious To You.” 26th March 2023

  • Aaron’s Blessing, 4th Sunday in Lent, Be Gracious To You, 19th March 2003

  • Aaron’s Blessing, 3rd Sunday in Lent, His Face Shine on You, 12 March 2023

  • Aaron’s Blessing 2nd Sunday in Lent, The Lord Keep You, 5th March 2023

  • Aaron’s Blessing 1st Sunday in Lent, 26th February 2023

  • Ash Wednesday Sermon St Paul’s 22nd February 2023

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